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Introducing Our New Rate Structure & What it Means for You

6.21.21By Team Mirror Mirror

As of Monday, July 5th, 2021, Mirror Mirror will be introducing a new rate structure for our services. Our goal is for this new rate structure to be more inclusive of what you need to get your desired result through straightforward, streamlined pricing.

So what’s actually changing?

Three main things:

  • Our rates will be more simplified and inclusive of services that we previously referred to as “add-ons”. This allows you to know exactly what you can expect to pay, and allows your stylist to achieve your desired results without any compromise. If your hair needs toner, you won’t pay extra. If your hair needs a treatment or a glaze, that won’t change the cost of your service. All of our services will include any conditioning treatments, root smudging or additional colors/toners that your hair needs. Of course, if you decide you need a full highlight instead of a partial or opt in for a haircut, the rate will increase because that is a different service.
  • There will be less discrepancies across stylists with the same skill level. This means if your stylist is unavailable, we will guarantee you pay the same rate when you see one of their colleagues on the same level as them. 
  • Our rates will be more reflective of the services we are performing. Gone are the days of a “quick partial”. The current color trends require balayage, foilyage, teasy lights, root smudges, special toners – the list goes on. This requires not only the highest level of talent, but it takes a significantly longer amount of time to perform these services.

These changes will allow our team to continue to offer our clients the highest quality service, without any compromises. At Mirror Mirror, our goal is to be as upfront and transparent as possible. No one likes being surprised at checkout. 

We can’t stress this enough: don’t panic! Many clients will pay the exact same amount under these changes; your bill will simply be itemized as one single service rather than tacking on additional treatments. If you want to know if/how these changes impact your service specifically, please feel comfortable asking our team.

Our stylist titles may also look a little different to you....

As a teaching salon, we take pride in training the next generation of stylists. Many of our top stylists began their career as an Apprentice and it’s through teaching that we push ourselves to be the best of the best. With the introduction of more Apprentices to our team, we're also introducing a new Educator title.

Our newly promoted educators are the top stylists in our salon, with the most demand. Our Educator team will now be training apprentices, which allows them to give you an even better experience, create more availability, and service more clients. Our demand has increased dramatically in the past few years, and this change allows our clients with more options to fit their schedule.

If you currently see one of our Educators at Mirror Mirror and prefer not to have an Apprentice blow dry your hair or assist in color applications, you can certainly let us know ahead of time so we can adjust timing and pricing accordingly!

The introduction of more Apprentices also includes the introduction of new entry level pricing for those looking for a more budget-friendly option, without sacrificing top quality results. All of our Apprentices are fully licensed and can perform any service we offer at Mirror Mirror.  

Answering Your Questions

I’ve already booked my next appointment - when does the rate change come into effect?

These changes go into effect on July 5th, 2021. However - if you are already on the books for July or August, please let our front desk team know at checkout. We are happy to honor your original rate since you booked prior to the announcement of these changes. As a reminder, your rate may not be different under these changes depending on what your typical service looks like.

What type of add-ons are included?

Toner, B3, Goldwell, extra color are now included with the set cost of your service if needed. Essentially, anything to keep the integrity of your hair or to perfect the tone of the color will no longer cost you extra. We believe in keeping your hair healthy above all else and if we need to include a treatment in order to achieve the results you want, you shouldn’t have to pay extra for it.

My stylist’s rates are increasing too much for me. What are my options?

Please get in touch with our team - we really mean it! Making adjustments to keep your appointment within your desired budget can be as simple as tweaking the plan to save you time and money. Alternatively, we can match you with a lower-priced stylist whose technique aligns with your regular stylist. This can significantly cut costs without sacrificing the results you want. 

My stylist has been promoted, does that mean their rates are increasing?

Moving up in levels typically includes a rate increase. Our rates and levels are based on technical skill and demand - never tenure. We do not promote “just because” it’s been a certain amount of time. Our stylists work really hard and promotions are a big deal here. With that, they deserve a raise! As a teaching salon, our education process never ends. 

What is the difference between an Educator, Senior Stylist, Specialist, etc.?

We've created a comprehensive glossary to highlight each of the skill levels we offer. To learn more about our team’s structure and what skills, education, and experience are required for each level, click here.

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