Extensions for Volume, Length & Fullness!!

Versatile and beautiful, extensions can add thickness and volume to shorter hair as well as fullness and additional length to longer locks. How they’re used is up to you and your hair goals.

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Before + After

Take a look at our clients’ transformations with hand-tied extensions.

Austin’s Extension Experts

Mirror Mirror’s extension specialists are industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Brynn Reed is our master extensions specialist and the founder of MB Hair Co. where all our extensions—100% real human hair—are ethically sourced. Our hair wefts are hand-sewn for seamless tie-ins that flow with your hair.

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Getting Hair Extensions

Ready for the hair you’ve always wanted? Good, you deserve it. Here’s what to expect when you get extensions at Mirror Mirror.

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Consultation & Ordering

You and your stylist will discuss the kind of hair you want—length, color, style, etc.—and she’ll let you know how many extensions (sold in wefts) you’ll need.



Your stylist will hand-tie your extensions in your hair. The number of rows you are installing determines how long you’ll be in the chair.



Every 6 - 12 weeks, you will need to come in for a tightening session. Faster than the installation, most clients can expect about a 90-minute session.

Hair Extensions Pricing & Appointments


Meet with one of our extensions’ specialists to get started on the hair of your dreams. You’ll order and pay for your hair the day of your consultation. The hair will last roughly nine months or more after installation if given the proper maintenance and love!

Cost of the Extension Hair Per Row


One Row


Two Rows


Three Rows


Set up your initial installation and get ready for your transformation. Your stylist will sew your hand-tied extensions into natural hair row by row. All installations include custom extension coloring to match your natural hair. (The amount of rows needed will be determined at your stylist discretion)

Installation Service Price per Row

$275 - $375

per row depending on stylist

Extension Move-Up

Ready to move those rows up? We’ll have you looking like new in no time. Your stylist will tighten and tie up those rows, protecting your natural hair and keeping your extensions looking seamless.

Move-up per Row Cost

$225 - $310

one row depending on stylist

$325 - $620

two rows depending on stylist

$425 - $930

three rows depending on stylist

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