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Mirror Mirror stylists are known for creating gorgeous dimensional highlights, while protecting and nourishing your hair.

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How to Get Perfect Highlights

Great hair is a process. Here’s how we do it.

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Meet us in person and tell us where you want to take your hair. Together, we’ll make a plan to get there.



Your hair journey might require a corrective multi-session process, a single appointment, or somewhere in between.



Set up a schedule with your stylist to come back for routine touch-ups that keep your highlights fresh and beautiful.

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Highlight Techniques 101

Great highlights are a balance of art and technique, and stylists are constantly finding new ways to create fresh, dimensional color. That said, there are a few basic techniques used in all salons.

Mirror Mirror Highlights

Highlights come in three appointment types based on where you are at on your hair journey. Your stylist will let you know what to book and give you a cost estimate. Pricing does vary by stylist and the amount of product (color) needed for your hair.

Full Highlight

This all-over, root-to-end session is often the initial (and most intensive) session on your hair journey.

$175 - $390

2.5 - 5 hours

Partial Highlight

Medium in scale, the partial highlight is typically a 3 – 6 month maintenance session.

$125 - $325

1.5 - 3 hours

Mini Highlight

Small and refreshing, the mini is perfect for a touch-up and a good substitute when you’re pressed for time.

$90 - $225

1 - 2.5 hours

Trends in Highlights

Learn all about the latest looks. Always consult your stylist to customize the perfect highlights for your hair.


Very fine highlights that create a subtle sun-kissed look that’s similar to the natural highlights in children’s hair.


The word is French and means “to sweep.” Highlights are hand-painted on in a sweeping motion, adding a natural dimensional color to your hair.

Color Corrections

Think of it as transitioning your hair from where it was at your old salon to where you want it to be at Mirror Mirror. There may be sections that need adjusting (or correcting) and it may require many different techniques to get you there. To protect your hair, it has to be done in phases, slowly bringing your hair back to the right shade.


A technique in highlighting of using contrasting light/dark shades throughout the hair to create dimension. To all you blondes out there, don’t be afraid of some dimension. Gone are the days of stripey 90’s highlights - today’s dimension adds depth and helps your blonde pieces pop!

Fashion Color

Fun, loud, and non-natural hair colors (pink, blue, green, orange, and so on) that really pop!


A technique that blends highlighting and color that makes it easy to grow out naturally. It’s easy to maintain and dress up or down.


Sometimes called a “spill”, this is a short highlight session where a few highlights are placed around the face, on your part or strategically throughout your hair. Great for in between bigger visits or if you are pressed for time!

Root Smudging

A technique that creates a seamless blend from root through highlight by smudging a darker color (similar to your natural shade) at your roots. It’s great for low-maintenance grow outs and ALL of our highlight services include rooting in some form or fashion!

Single Process Color

A one-step coloring process that involves using only a single color applied at the roots (think grey touch ups) or from roots to ends.

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