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21 Jun 2021  |  By Team Mirror Mirror

Introducing Our New Rate Structure & What it Means for You

As of Monday, July 5th, 2021, Mirror Mirror will be introducing a new rate structure for our services. Our goal is for this new rate structure to be more inclusive of what you need to get your desired result through straightforward, streamlined pricing.

So what’s actually changing?

14 May 2021  |  By Halle Jane

How to Prepare for Your Color Appointment

At Mirror Mirror, we want you to love what you see - even weeks after your appointment. We understand the investment that goes into coloring your hair, so in addition to offering salon-quality products to keep our blondes bright and brunettes vivid, our Stylist Halle is sharing her top tips to get the most out of your color appointments. 

07 May 2021  |  By Brynn Reed

How to Take Care of Your Extensions this Summer

Alas...summer is almost here! Just think, you’ll be bronzing by the pool, enjoying a cold refreshing drink, living your best life! But just like your skin, your hair needs special care during these summer months, ESPECIALLY if you have hand tied extensions! All the summer fun of swimming, longer days, spending time outdoors in the Texas sun can take a toll - we're passionate about helping our clients maintain the beautiful, healthy hair that they invest in at Mirror Mirror.

Here are a few tips from our Lead Extension Stylist, Brynn, that will outline exactly how to care for your beloved hair during the next few months...

20 Apr 2021  |  By Martha Lynn Kale

What Makes a Salon a “Safer” Salon Anyway?

While health and safety is on top of everyone’s mind more than ever these days, my mission to create a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly salon - without sacrificing quality - began many years ago.

Not only am I the founder and owner of Mirror Mirror and a former Stylist, I am also a wife, Mom and clean beauty advocate. I wear a lot of hats and I’m always looking for what’s best for my family, my team and our guests at Mirror Mirror.

20 Apr 2021  |  By Mirror Mirror Team

How to Save $$$ at Mirror Mirror

Ballin’ on a Budget? Great hair doesn’t have to be expensive. While the prices at Mirror Mirror reflect our stylist’s level of expertise, training, and certifications for the wide array of services we offer, there are numerous ways to save on your next visit with us.

Beauty Emergency?

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