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How to Prepare for Your Color Appointment

5.14.21By Halle Jane

At Mirror Mirror, we want you to love what you see - even weeks after your appointment. We understand the investment that goes into coloring your hair, so in addition to offering salon-quality products to keep our blondes bright and brunettes vivid, our Stylist Halle is sharing her top tips to get the most out of your color appointments. 

  • Wash your hair the day of, or the night before your hair appointment. Color takes better on clean hair, and it is hard to see the true color of the hair when it is dirty. We’re all guilty of delaying wash day when you know you have a hair appointment coming up! However, for best results we highly encourage coming to your color appointment with clean hair.
  • If possible, blow out your hair to make it as smooth as possible. This will make it easier for your stylist to see the hair and cover more surface with the time allotted for your appointment. This will also allow for your stylist to see any inconsistencies in your hair before coloring. 
  • Removing your jewelry or your glasses will help your stylist out so there is no snagging with combs or brushes during your service.
  • While we continue to ask guest to wear face masks during their appointment (keep up with our COVID policies here) - wearing a disposable paper mask that you can throw away afterwards is the best option for your appointment. Reusable cloth masks, elastic ones with adjustable beads, or those that wrap around your entire head are cute, but they will get dirty and stained from the dye we use on your hair, especially around your ears. 
  • Wear a hood-less, collar-less, non turtleneck sweater. This makes a huge difference for a stylist so they are able to cut or color on a flat surface to work on.
  • If it’s your FIRST visit - it’s important to wear your hair the way you prefer to wear it to your consultation so your Stylist can see how you typically style your hair so they can place your color (especially if you are doing face framing highlight) perfectly to suit your look.

While these tips are what we would recommend for best results - keep in mind that they are simply guidelines! Guests often ask us for tips to prolong their results and keep their hair in tip-top shape. We know that life gets in the way, and your visit to the salon may the the only break you get in your day.

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