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How to Winter-Proof your Extensions

11.12.21By The Mirror Mirror Team

Goodbye to summer top knots (hello, sweat) and hello to full, swishy hair for fall and winter. While we love extensions year-round, the cooler months are a perfect time to give longer and thicker hair a try.

While we are usually graced with a mild winter here in Austin, everything from sweater static, harsh cold wind, and dry air sucking the moisture out your hair can still take its toll – and extensions are no exception. Our team of extension experts are passionate about helping you prolong the life span of your extensions to give you the absolute best return on your investment.

Our Lead Extension Stylist, Brynn, shares a few of her favorite tips for keeping your extensions in tip-top shape throughout the winter months.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

With drier weather, it’s important to keep your extensions hydrated. The oil produced from your scalp that hydrates your natural hair doesn’t make it to the end of the extensions. Using 3-5 pumps of clear oil every morning and every night will help keep your extensions feeling soft and tangle free. Also, using a moisture mask can help keep your ends hydrated and feeling soft.

Protect from the Elements

Tangles in the winter are no joke. Turtleneck sweaters, pulling scarves on and off, and even our favorite cozy hoodies can cause tangles and tearing – especially on the underside of your hair where you may not even notice it happening. If you’re wearing a cotton sweater, or a high neck, put your extensions in a braid or a bun in order to prevent them from tangling at the base of your neck. If you're out and about on a particularly harsh or windy day, protect your hair with a hat to keep the air from becoming brittle. If you feel like you need a little extra boost, ask your stylist for a deep conditioning treatment at your next appointment!

Upgrade your Sleep

Not only will a silk or satin pillowcase make you feel luxurious, sleeping on one helps reduce breakage that can be caused by rougher fibers in cotton pillowcases. If you wake up with tangles, be extremely gentle in brushing them out and use products that help to moisturize and repair.

Pre-Book Holiday Appointments

Move-up appointments can vary anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on your hair growth. It's important for both the health and aesthetics of your extensions to have them tightened on a regular basis. November and December are two of the busiest months of the year at the salon (many stylists have their books filled by October!) so pre-book your appointments and have peace of mind that your hair will be salon-fresh for all your holiday parties.

On the fence about extensions? Book a 30-minute consultation session with any of our talented extension team and find out if extensions are the right fit for your hair goals!

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